I am a  Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPC 411) and Board Certified Music Therapist working with individuals, groups and organizations to maximize creativity and improve well-being.  I have a master’s degree from New York University in Music Therapy and a bachelor’s from Brandeis University with a dual concentration in Neuro-anthropology and Latin American Studies. I trained at the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function in New York City and continue keep up to date on research in development, cognitive science and emotions to make the work that I do with clients relevant and effective.

My work in music therapy and counseling is informed by cross-cultural study and immersion into societies in which music and emotion are strongly tied together. I have researched and performed Flamenco and Middle Eastern music in Spain, Turkey, Greece and Israel as a Fulbright Fellow and recipient of several additional research grants.

I helped to pioneer the use of music therapy in the University of California health care system and have been a clinician since 2007 with the UCLA Pediatric Pain Program (recipient of the American Pain Society’s Clinical Centers of Excellence in Pain Management Award).

I have published work and presented at professional conferences on music therapy and the neurobiological processes involved in pain, music perception and emotions. I also spearheaded research in music and memory as a research associate in the neurology department at the University of California, San Francisco.

I have a private psychotherapy practice in Encino, California, work as a consultant to non-profits in education and healthcare on mental health and creativity and am a member of the advisory board to The Children’s Music Fund. I am bilingual in English and Spanish and have a working knowledge of French and Hebrew.